Aug. 2nd, 2009

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Ok, there's a bunch of things going up for sale. CHEAP! these are all from imported Japanese magazines. so unless you get the magazine or buy them like i'm selling here, no goods for you. I'M WILLING TO HAGGLE! I take paypal and if you want another method, contact me. i'm flexible. as for shipping, depends where it's going. USA, $1 cuz it's all light stuff, but i need to get nice packaging for them. Elsewhere, we'll discuss :) my ebay rating is 106+ user there is the same as here. Questions, concerns, comments - first come first serve and hopefully you'll find something you like :)

Also, not cutting so it actually GETS attention :)

Tales of Destiny one coins - full set $65 SOLD to see all info on it

Code Geass clearfolder $3

Gundam00 data booklet $3

Code Geass/Gundam 00 stand up paperdoll things... (can be split) $3 for both, $2 for single

Soul Eater Poster $2

Momo-gumi plus Senki 2009 Calendar $4 (i know 2009's half over but the art is nice and the engrish on these is LOL). Also, first vol. due out by tokyopop in a few weeks. Who knew?

The Betrayal knows My Name MINI Clear folder and postcards $7 (SOLD)

Asuka Drama CDs $10ea

Omega Police - Sora to Arashi (Yuki Kaji x Daisuke Ono)

Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru (The Betrayal Knows My Name) Radio CD
Hoshi Shinichiro x Fukuyama Jun

Momogumi Drama CD
Terashima Takuma, Goto Saori, Kishio Daisuke

Asuka Stations 5-7 (i have to check boxes, i might have earlier ones, but i'm not sure)
5 - Sakurai Takahiro x Fukuyama Jun & Kishio Daisuke
6 - Fukuyama Jun x Nakamura Yuichi
7 - Fukuyama Jun x Ono Daisuke


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