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before I stick stuff up on ebay, i thought i'd offer it to you guys first.

for the most part, prices are cheap. i'll put things up here as i'm putting them on ebay.

$5 - Plush Kuronekosama from Trigun. Tags still on.

$30 - Dead Leaves Kubrick figures of Pandy and Retro. VERY RARE (nowhere on line can i find anyone selling them)

$3 ea - Azumi vol. 12 japanese manga or Saikano vol. 2 english manga

$5 - 4koma booklet from animedia with things of neoangelique, gundam00, macrossF, etc.

$.01 - Paula Cole single, where have all the cowboys gone/sleep sleep sleep

$10 - 2nd naruto GBA game. IN JAPANESE!! everything included

$10ea - Madlax vol.1 or Generator Gawl vol. 1 DVDs, region 1, UNOPENED

$3 - The Grudge, DVD

$2ea - Romance classics (orchestral movie romance songs) or Bedrock Rocks! (Little kid songs sung by crappy bands that had one or two hits way back in the day)

$2,$1 - Chef's luv shack for dreamcast and Idiot's guide to jazz (opening snippets to 66 jazz classics)

$10, $3 - Naruto ps2 game (RPG - REGION 2!!), Getbackers english manga, vol 17

$5ea or $7 for both - Tactics manga, ADV version

$10 - Solty Rei vol. 1 in box (Region 1), box is a little worn from being moved around

$5 - Solty Rei vol. 3 dvd (region 1). watched maybe once?

$3ea or $10 for all 4 - Cowboy Bebop capsule figures

$3ea $5 for both - FMA Roy and Riza figures

$3 - kaneda (Akira) capsule figure

$3 - Ishida (bleach) capsule figure

$5 - Regina (dino crisis) capsule figure

$5 for the one in blue, $3 for Roll - Roll's base is broken, but i'll glue it back together carefully for whomever wants her :D

$5 for the larger naruto figures, $3 for sasukes, scroll naruto (that's a series 1btw)

I'm willing to bargain, shipping is $3 on most things, some i'll waive it, and if you're international, we'll sort something out :D i'm flexible ^_^

please feel free to spread the word if anyone you know may want this stuff. entry is unlocked :D

Date: 4/21/09 01:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Word has been spread. ;)

Date: 4/22/09 12:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If I had money to spend on myself, I would definitely buy that black cat and the Naruto game. But when you say it's in Japanese, does that include dialogue as well? ...Do GBA even have dialogue or just the font boxes? *wants to hear more Inoue-san~*

Date: 4/22/09 12:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
the naruto game i don't recall being voiced. sadly. it's a little platformer type. if i can play it and not know much japanese, then you'd be fine XD

kuronekosama luvs you~~~

Date: 4/22/09 01:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ooh~ can't buy anything... but will try to remember spreading your goods in my next entry. ^^

Date: 4/22/09 01:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
sankyuu~~ i'm prob. gonna put stuff up on ebay friday or saturday

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