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Ok, i've been talking about it, and here it is. the OFFICIAL i wanna know who wants to do this trip to japan thing in fall of 2009. I've had some people tell me along the way that they'd be interested, now HERE is where to officially state it. i'm actually tagging this entry, zomg! Expect a simliar one every 6 months or so.

Details are still being sorted, but what i WANT to include is Tokyo, one of those speedy trains to Kyoto, and going back to kamakura would be nice. Enoshima (which we passed through getting to kamakura) was an awesome good time. Tho since my visit to japan was highly limited, I'd like some input from others who wanna go and what they'd like to see. I'm thinking 2 weeks (i really want 3, but most of us can't get that much paid time off) in october, likely... on/about my birthday :D

things to consider:
flight time: 18 hours, MINIMUM. not even kidding.
Flight cost: EST. $1500, and liable to increase/decrease depending. it is 2 years from now. I also will likely go through an agency to get the airfare, since IACE was amazing for prices when i went last year. (at least 400 less).
Hotel: i have NO idea about hotels abroad, and esp. in japan. this will need to be researched, but since it's so far off... just count on lots of cash for 2 weeks in hotels in one of the most pricy countries out there.
Events/things to do: You can BET some of us will be checking for seiyuu events and planning those into the schedule, but otherwise, there's massive arcades i'm sure ppl will want to explore, as well as shopping, touristy traps, etc.
FOOD: we WILL need to eat. and like the japanese do, i'm sure much drinking will be involved as well. remember, during my 3 week study abroad, i was NOT sober thru most of it because of the professors. think about that a bit.
Train fare: Regular trains, plus, should we venture to kyoto, the speedy train. that i think is at least 100 bucks. your yen costs for busses and trains add up quick

Passports: if you don't have one, you'll need it. to go anywhere. so jump on the massive bandwagon and get one. ^_^

this entry is PUBLIC so if you know others interested that don't read lj, you can send them, just respond for them or make htem leave their name (i can't remember if anon. posting is on or not)

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