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1. Name: Rose
2. If there are 3 wells (love, beauty, and creativity) and you can drink from one of them, which would you choose?
Love. Beauty is the least important and i've got the creativity

3. Do you wish on stars?
birthday cakes.... not stars - unless the star is a falling star. THAT is when the wish should be made. (some sort of weird rule, i think)

4. What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?
Parkhurst food.... (makes me nausous every day)

5. Would you kill someone? on a video game... real life, i'm too wussy

6. Virgin or not? YES! (is it wrong to be proud of that, cause i AM proud and i don't care what u thing ::raspberry::)

7. What TV show or movie title best describes your life? um.... since it's just a title... not the story line, i'd say.... FURI KURI.... doesn't have a meaning and somehow my life doesn't seem to either

8. Do you like your handwriting? i could pass for a doctor in handwriting (eew)

9. Who are you jealous of? people in happy relationships that have a potential future and career. ppl like that make me SICK

10. Who would you marry? hm... crossing off the guys that are too old, animated, and claimed by some other friend of mine (there's a bunch)... that leaves me with MAGNAR. I know he's out there cause i've seen 2 ppl that are oddly enough, the personification.... sam from OH and Carl from papa johns at home. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Magnar....

11. What is your favorite lunch meal? Casanova's Italian Hoagie.... mayo no onions. Greatest thing on earth

12. Do you think people on the Gap commercials are cool? i've been into the gap on 3 occasions, and none of those were voluntary

13. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? sure, i got anime :)

14. Are you a daredevil? haha, i wish... but then again, i've become more daring in some things, just not physical ones

15. How big was the biggest mango you ever had? such as mango... no idea, but i like them

16. Have you ever told a secret that you swore you wouldn't repeat? ERIK T. SECKINGER YOU STILL OWE ME YOU BASTARD

17. Do you pray? not really

18. Have you ever met anyone famous? well, in the world i live in (and bart simpson, apparently) Steve bennett (from studio ironcat - he even helped animate urasai yatsura and one of the gundums)... in person i've said hi to Brad Arnold (3Doors Down), and in personal space with Carson Daly, Dermott Mulrouny, Chris Webber, Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, the guy who was chris on Northern exposure and adrian(?) from sex in the city, and if ur a hocky fan, most of the 96-97 flyers with dornhoffer and bob kelly included.

19. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? no, rainbows are light reflecting off water

20. How do you vent anger? get infinately more profane and carry a bitchy demenor.... then i'll ignore you and give u dirty looks. i'll probably write about it and play evil pissed off hard music too

21. Are you trendy? i wear pjs all the freakin time

22. Are you passive or aggressive? PASSIVE. i can be convincing, but not aggressive. (i learned this at the conference in FL)

23. Who is your idol? My mother. she did it and she did it her way..

24. Who is your second family? my roomates. without them, i'd have no guidance to go thru life socially

25. Do you trust others easily? i'm way over trusting.... and its' hurt me plenty

26. What was your favorite toy as a child? I still play with toys... but i'd have to say... lite brite... and i just got a new one for xmas too :)

27. What class in school do you think is totally useless? most. especially biochemistry and ethical life. college 101 was a waste too

28. What is the punch-line to your favorite joke? "shut up fridge".... ask randy to tell it

29. Do you think your life so far has been good? could be better, but its been ok. i've been a very spoiled child :)

30. Which was your best Halloween costume? I was rhinokey in kindergarden...

31. Have you ever been on radio or television? radio when i won LIVE tix, tv for batons and if u look quick tonight during pan shots.... (last call with carson daly, 1:35am)

32. Do you keep a diary? Just this. i think FOD died....

33. Have you ever intentionally hurt another person? i try not too

34. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? on the borders of the circle. when i get steel tiped shoes, i'm so in there

35. Do you feel understood most of the time? no

36. Do you drink milk? yay moo juice! best with pasta, ice cream and chocolate

37. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach? sore throat, i'm tired of the upset tummy

38. What is the new saying that you've been using a lot? Holy mother of Crap.... i dont' know where i get these...

39. Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer? yes i do :)

40. Did you pay money to see "Honey I shrunk the kids"? no

41. What is your all time favorite song? hmm.... U2 - One

42. What was the best Christmas present you received? my digitial camera or my playstation.. still deciding

43. Could you be a vegetarian? it'll be tough cause i like meat and tofu is gross

44. What word do you use when you think something is good? suguoi! (wow in japanese)

45. What band has the funniest name? squirrel nut zippers. saying it makes me laugh

46. Would you ever bungee jump? i want to.... who wants to come with me?

47. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? laces? they do stuff?

48. Who is your favorite talented white rapper? EMINEM.... :)

49. Would you rather wear uniforms to school? so i don't need to see too much of certain ppl... HELLS YEAH.

50. Have you ever given money to a homeless person? I donate to the purple heart.

51. What are you worried about right now? graduating

52. Do you ever wear overalls? yeah man

53. Do you think you are strong (emotionally)? depends. i've been a lot weaker lately

54. Do you hate anyone? hate... well, there was that one that threatened to kill me, then there are those that are just plain STUPID

55. Who is your Best Friend? ANNE!!

56. Do you regret anything? i could make a LONG list, but i'll keep that hidden. it's too painful to read again

57. Who do you love? ::starts singing george thuroughgood and the destroyers - who do u love - (so i spelt it wrong, sue me)::

58. What is your opinion of the person that sent this to you? well, since i stole it from Karl... i'd say... Karlsan wa ii tomodachi desu. mo omoshiroidesu.

59. What are you going to do next? my next big thing is the auditions for vagina monlogues

60. Are you going to send this to everyone you know? posted in lj

61. What is your favorite quote? um... no particular favs.. ask me later. depends on my mood

62. Name 2 people you want to thank for their friendship: Anne and Hersh. (home) Niko and Sue (CCC) each ahve their reasons.

63. Have you ever considered a religious vocation? ORGANIZED RELIGION = EVIL (sorry, personal rant)

64. What's your biggest dream/wish? to not be lonely anymore....

65. What is the one modern thing you could never live without? ANIME and the dvd/vcr/laptop to watch it on

66. Have you ever done anything illegal? um... don't recall

67. Have you ever thought with another's head? huh?

68. Are you friends with the person who sent this to you or you stole this from? i'd like to think so

69. Who do you like better, N'Sync or the Backstreet Boys? eew

70. What would you do if you were walking down the street and saw some hot girls standing on the sidewalk? make fun of them later with niko about being prostitots and evil bitches

71. What is the most important lesson you have learned outside of school? Try. even if u fail its ok if u tried.

72. What do you regret doing or not doing in your life the most? well, i guess being lazy... set myself up for some major falls...

73. What things are you afraid of most? failure

74. Name the one person whose arms you feel safe in? ::pouts:: maybe yours... hold me...

hehe... sorry if it crams up ur friends lists... but its been a while for things like this....
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·x· The Crush Side ·x·

Do you have a crush on someone?: maybe one or 2...
How long have you liked him/her?: this is a new thing...
Are you really over your last crush?: if i could remember who it was...
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?: I WANT A BOY
Have you gone out with or had a crush on someone and totally regretted it later?: can u say rick....
If you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be?: hmmm.. can he be animated?
How long do you want a relationship to last?: forever and a year
How romantic are you on a scale of 1-10?: i can be really romantic, but i can't express it well

·x· Have You Ever... ·x·

Tried to get someone to notice you, but failed?:all the time
Had a long distance relationship?: No, but i'll take that too
Gotten into a car accident?: a rear bump, nothing big (knock on wood)
Seen the Eiffel tower?: Not yet
Cheated on a test?: ;)

·x· In The Last 24 Hours Have You... ·x·

Cried? more than u know
Laughed?: at whose line is it anyway... hehe
Made someone laugh?: does an online hehe count?
Helped someone?: i moved walls at work?
Bought something?: costume parts for kon ;)
Cut your hair?: Not yet
Felt stupid?: all the time
Said "I love you?": wihs i had someone to say it to
Written a real letter?: nope
Written on paper?: i will before bed
Taken a test?: um, no
Met someone new?: well, kinda. i actually got to "meet" john instead of just the random introduction from last week. he seems pretty cool
Written in a journal?: just livejournal
Watched your favourite movie?: no, but i can.
Talked to someone you love?: maybe like... not love - yet
Had a serious talk?: yeah... still trying to fix some stuff
Given someone a present?: not tonight
Missed someone?: yeah
Fought with your parents?: not today
Fought with a friend?: I'd have to call it a bloody war

·x· Right Now... ·x·

Are you tired?: exhausted
What are you wearing?: work clothes
Are you eating?: baked potato
Are you happy?: Not really.
Are you sad?: quite
Talking to people online?: 6 aim windows actively open.... ack!
Doing homework?: i'm putting off crosss stitching again, if that counts

·x· Stupid Questions ·x·

What is the best "unexpected thing" a girl could do for a guy or vice versa?: dunno, wouldn't be unexpected if i knew
How are your grades?: HA
What languages do you speak?: english, spanish, french, japonese - all very poorly
Do you drink?: Alcohol? i used too... neednow
Do you regret anything you've done in the past?: yeah, but i hsould be a better person for it?
Do you believe in horoscopes?: how come me and every other libra have the same horroscope, hmmm?
Do you wear glasses?: only my integral ones :) i made 'em myself
Do you have braces?: i gots me straight teeth from genetics
What words or phrases do you over-use?: MOFO, and i'm sure a few other obsenities
Bedtime?: later than it should be
Are you a good dancer?: i used to be
Do you consider yourself a good listener?: yeah, but no one seems to share anymore
Last song you listened to: glass prison by dream theater
Has a friend ever betrayed you?: oh yeah
Have you ever eaten a bug?: um, don't think so
Last four digits of your phone number: um don't think so... but its only got 3 diff digits
Do you get along with your parents?: usually (just mom, no dad-he not around)
What did you do today?: worked, went to goodwill, argued online, ate potatoes, talked to some ppl i haven't heard from for a while... hope to go to bed soon
What did you do yesterday?: worked, went to best buy, got RAM, installed RAM, watched 5 eps of hellsing, went to bed
What time is it now?: 11:06
Final words: mjoh,,mnmosdfjera5mvqsfawer (the 5 is silent)
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name? Rose
nicknames? Robin, Lobster Girl, Retard, Loke
birthday? - October 13, 1981
place of birth? - Phila., PA
height? - 5'2.5"
eye colour? - shit brown
righty, lefty, or ambidexterous? - Righty
hair color? - brown

sports are you active in? ebay
is the most recent movie you have seen? Van Wilder
are you doing tonight? just took down the lofts, very hungy...
is your name backwards? - esor
was the last thing you ate? - blueberry muffin
was the last thing you said out loud? - Hungy
do you think of true love? wish i could find it
is on your mousepad? - no mouse pad, i have intelli mouse
on the walls in your room? walls bare... :( all packed for home
color is your computer desk? - brown
color pants do you have on right now? - light grey sweats :) so comfy
is right next to you? niko's bed
do you want to do when you grow up? become a nympho
do you look for in the opposite sex? compatibility and a maturity level above the age of 12... but will let loose on occasion to have fun :)

Do you...
believe in yourself? - depends on what i'm doing... if its finding a job or passing class, forget it
get motion sickness? occasionally
have a pager? - no
have a cell phone? -no
have a lava lamp? right next to me

If you...
could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? - tough choice... does Eurasia count?
were a crayon what color would you be? Indigo
could have one wish in the world, what would it be? infinite wishes, duh
could have any occupation, what would it be? test audience for new anime and manga
could have some sort of special power what would you want it to be? telekenisis. that encompasses a lot

candy? um, today its rolos
color? - purple
color bra? black, but i need a new one
thing to do on the weekend? sleep
memory? hmm... OTAKON
tv show(s)? 24, DBZ, Slayers, Cowboy bebop, Osbournes, Hey Hey Hey
band/group/singer? not gonna start..
boardgame? pop o matic trouble
magazine? NEWTYPE, and if i had $140, i'd get a subscription
drink? - Mt. dew
food? - today, tacos, tomorrow,who knows
flower? - LILAC
holiday? - My birthday
shampoo? - if it cleans my hair.. and smells pretty
toothpaste? - no preference
ice cream? - jerry's jubilee
scent/perfume? - lilac/balance. either works and is not overpowering

Have you ever...
gone skinny dipping? - no
been convicted of a crime? - no, but i think that might come soon...
cheated on a test? - who hasn't?
broken a bone? - nope (knock on wood)
gotten beat up? - no


drinks with or without ice? NO ICE
thing you thought of or said when you woke up? -don't wanna go to work at ass crack o'dawn...
rollercoasters: deadly or exciting? - insta-joygasm
pick a song that describes you? Linkin Park - Place for my head
when you meet a person of the SAME gender, what do you notice first? the way they carry themselves. body language says a lot
last time you showered - 7:42 this morning
how is the weather right now? - chilly, but nice
who was the last person you talked to on the phone? my momma
how many kids do you want? - 0!!
how long do you wait to tell someone that you love them? if i loved someone, i'd tell them when the time was right
who do you wish you could see more often? ANNE
what would be something you would say to them? Come home... miss u...
would you want to know when you're going to die? yes, so i know if finding employment will be vital to my future
have you ever had an online relationship? - no... but Mike seems to think my roomie and i have a real one...
who do you admire? - my mom
why? she is such a strong person and has struggled to get to where she is today

This or that...
coke or pepsi? - MT DEW or DR PEPPER
1 pillow or 2? - 3+
simple or complicated? - simple... brain fried
mom or dad? - mom
black or white? - depends
happiness or depression? want happiness, usually depressed
internet or real life? - real life
balloons or streamers? - helium tank :)
grey or gray? - depends on my mood
sunrise or sunset? - um, i awaken at sunset and go to bed at sunrise... am i a vampire?
x or o? - x
sun or moon? - moon
emerald or ruby? - sapphire
chocolate or vanilla? - chocolate
hello or hi? - word
silver or gold? - silver
half empty or half full? completely empty cause i drank it all
bacon bits or croutons? - CROUTONS

Which is more romantic...
candles or darkness? - candles in the dark
flowers or chocolate? - chocolate, flowers die
going out or staying in? - depends on mood
champagne or wine? - vodka
bed or floor? depends on my back, if i'm doin an all nighter, etc

What do you think of...
small children - reasons not to have my own
religion - catholoscism is the devil. i follow my own path.. its starting to look similar to buddhism and paganism.... weird
drugs - they're not mine, i swear!
yourself - a slacker who's overworked and underpaid and can't say NO
the internet - nice if there weren't firewalls and i had a puter that could handle it
your town - i can walk to anything, i love it...

What would you do if...
someone cut all of your hair off in the middle of the night - cry... its taking me so long to grow my bangs out..
someone dyed your hair in the middle of the night - i hope its a fun color :)
you were pulled out of your everyday life, and put into utter isolation - sleep...zzzzzzzz
someone stole your socks - more power to them, they're stinky
someone stole your computer -i would hope they replaced it with a better one
all of your favorite bands were going on a tour together, coming to your hometown, but your parents wouldn't let you go - i'm goin anyway, i'm old enough to make that choice... or so i hope..
you fell on your ass on stage at school, in front of the whole school population - i did something similar in middle school... i stood up, laughed and did it again...i'm an ass...
were told that you were moving tomorrow, away from all of your friends - be sad and thank heavens for the internet :) cause frankly, i already am away from a lot of my friends, most imporantly, anne, my bestest buddy in the whole world :)

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